This is a magical world, its name is Pig Planet! Above this "planet," it will upset your imagination about pigs.

Pig planet is located in the beautiful coastal city - Jiaxing Haiyan, Zhejiang Qinglian Food Co., Ltd. spent to build. The first phase covers an area of 220 acres, is a pig-themed collection of indoor play, outdoor play, science education in one pig experience. Here we will build a unique pig awareness, spread a new pig culture, and let people taste the ultimate pig food.

There is a show of fun pigs show, the adorable pig pig baby will bring you wonderful performances; there is a set of "sports, parent-child, science and technology, experience" as one of the indoor paradise, in addition to inspire children unlimited imagination And creativity; there is a transparent factory, piggy house, so that children appreciate the discovery of natural, food gratitude; there are specialties of pork cuisine, you can bring you a delicious gluttonous feast.

Diet Dr. House feast restaurant, sink Department of Chinese cuisine directory, with rare places famous pig, restore and achievements gluttonous tongue experience. All the dishes are cooked with fresh broth prepared by Dr. Black Pig's great stick bone, to discard the chemical compounds such as chicken and MSG. To create a modern banquet "full feast" with "all pig feast." At the same time to develop high-end solar terms recipe, follow the laws of nature to meet the nutritional needs of human health. Allow people to work in addition to fatigue, can carefully enjoy the food to bring happiness.

Planetary Academy is a children's extracurricular growth camp with pigs as its starting point. It is a professional team that builds a team of "nature, experience, food education and parent-child" education. To piglets as a creative element, through interactive cooperation, creative unique curriculum, love and experience throughout, let the children fall in love with growth.

The Planet Academy has also created a series of pig-related occupational experiences, researching pigs themselves, planetary researchers in pig food, planetary breeders in close contact with piglets, planetary trainers, pork gourmets, and gourmets for planetary gourmets Wait. Let children experience love in the experience, thanksgiving food, enjoy the growth in the process of food education.

Planet management team has a professional education philosophy, rich teaching experience, a unique educational perspective, determined to build the planet Academy into the most professional children's extracurricular growth camp. Planet Academy teachers in their respective fields have a good professionalism, full of love, will give the best experience for children.

  • Manual irrigation sausage
  • Planet treasure hunt
  • Baking
  • Art painting

Here is the "carnivore" paradise, with a comprehensive experience of carnivorous meat, bosses, Singapore barbecue, meatism, each let taste buds erupt in the food universe. There is also the country's first network red experimental kitchen, at any time encounter network Reds.

Eat the small universe ingenuity of retail, selling all kinds of pig elements of cultural and creative products, as well as the popular meat selection around the world, brings together the world's various types of pig products, is a one-stop purchase of pig products.

The concept of eating small universe is: bring together the world's carnivorous meat, open the love and delicious tip travel. Love food, love Meng pig you are waiting for what? Come eat goods universe to add energy!

Germany Bockman family is a 168-year history of the traditional meat processing enterprises. Thomas, a meat expert, was born in a large family tradition of meat processing. Combined with the traditional processing techniques that have been precipitating for many years, Bokman products, known for their quality, are widely known in Potsdam.

Pigs Planet · Berkman sausage beer bar Bockman inherited the professional attitude of rigorous, is an authentic German-style sausage beer bar. Using traditional German craft to make sausages, we have our own German-style wheat craft beer line that brings classic German flavor to people.

Restaurant decoration of industrial design, 250 square feet of accommodation area, 70 seats to meet the needs of multi-party. Here you will experience the same as the Germans drink large mouthfuls of meat to enjoy the fun, to experience the perfect combination of rigorous and free and easy, as well as the passion of music burning!

The backbone of the restaurant team are all graduates of professional institutions, both at home and abroad have many years of practical experience. Head chef at Dubai Jumeirah Group of seven-star sailing hotel learning, double Towers Hotel in Dubai. Dish R & D staff have visited Michelin restaurants for many times and won the Top 10 China Division in the qualifying of the Young World chef in Saint-Peil.

  • Three pillars
  • Sweet and sour short ribs
  • Wild pomegranate bag
  • Onion fried intestine
  • Cartridge pot
  • Tempura soup
  • Chives fried liver
  • Pork soup
  • Garlic leaves fried meat
  • Pig blood soup
  • Braised pig soy
  • Braised trotters
  • Plum buckle meat
  • Carbon grilled pine meat
  • Braised pig face
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